Who we are

Matrix International Academy is a school with a Hybrid Curriculum (Nigerian and British). It can best be described as a non-profit organization. The school fees are second to none with the standard acquired academically and otherwise.


The Board

The ultimate responsibility for policy-making at MIA is vested on the Board of Trustees comprising of seven (7) members who represent a diversity of talent and knowledge. The responsibilities for the daily operations of the school rest in the hands of the Head of School. A Board member/representative is always present at Parents Teachers Forum/Conference. Please refer to termly calendar for meeting dates and times.

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

The MIA characteristics of professional excellence were developed by the entire faculty and staff over the course of the 2016-2017 School Year. It reflects our mission expressed through the lives and work of our academic faculties. These characteristics guide our noble work with children and the ceaseless journey of professional growth and renewal.